Horacio Sierra, Ph.D.

Cindy Seip

Horacio Sierra, Ph.D., is a writer, educator, and the author of Sanctified Subversives: Nuns in Early Modern English and Spanish Literature and the collection New Readings of the Merchant of Venice. His journalism has been published in The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, the Hartford Courant, Hispanic magazine, and the Miami Herald. His teaching and research interests include Renaissance literature and culture, Shakespeare, religious discourse, gender, sexuality, popular culture, journalism, new media, and Hispanic literature and culture. Sierra is also a contributor to Waterproof: Evidence of a Miami Worth Remembering (Jai Alai Books) – a collection of microelegies to Miami places and a sample of the responses of Miamians to the question “What will you miss when Miami is gone?” Book Two of The Miami Trilogy by the O, Miami Poetry Festival, the 197 pieces therein are the answers from 165 writers and artists, ranging from high schoolers to retirees and hailing from all corners of Miami-Dade County.