Hannah Templer

Cindy Seip

Hannah Templer is a queer cartoonist and graphic designer. She is currently the artist on GLOW (IDW Publishing, Netflix) with writer Tini Howard, and has also worked as a colorist, cover artist and interior artist on well-known titles such as Samurai Jack, Tomb Raider, and Jem and the Holograms. Set in an intergalactic society in which high-tech knights fight each other to win a princess as their prize, Cosmoknights (Top Shelf) tells the story of a band of queer women battling to dismantle the system and rescue the princesses before it’s too late. Pan, a young and disillusioned mechanic, worked in her dad’s body shop but still sneaked out with her friend Tara to go dancing, and watch the skies. It didn’t matter that Tara was a princess — until one day it did, and Pan had to say goodbye. Years later, she meets a charismatic pair of off-world gladiators who aren’t what they seem and she learns that to achieve true liberation, they will have to beat the patriarchy at its own game. On the run and off the galactic grid, Pan discovers the astonishing secrets of her neo-medieval world and the intoxicating possibility of burning it all down.