Gerty Dambury

marlene lopez

Gerty Dambury is a theater director, novelist, and poet from Guadeloupe. She studied at the Sorbonne and has held residencies at Le Centre National du Livre and Le Centre National des Écritures du Spectacle. She won the Prix Carbet de la Caraïbe et du Tout-Monde in 2015 for her play Le rêve de William Alexander Brown. In The Restless, A young girl’s curiosity about her teacher’s sudden disappearance sets the stage for a resonant analysis of 1960s Pointe-à-Pitre. This lyrical novel, structured like a Creole quadrille, is a rich ethnography bearing witness to police violence in French Guadeloupe. Narrators both living and dead recount the racial and class stratification that led to a protest-turned-massacre. While Dambury’s English debut is a memorial to a largely forgotten atrocity, it is also a celebration of the vibrancy and resilience of Guadeloupeans.

Née en 1957 à Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, Gerty Dambury est une dramaturge, metteuse en scène, romancière et poétesse française. Elle a reçu plusieurs prix: Prix SACD de la dramaturgie en langue française en 2008, Mention spéciale du Prix Carbet pour l’ensemble de son œuvre en 2011, et Prix Carbet de la Caraïbe et du Tout-Monde 2015 pour son ouvrage Le rêve de William Alexander Brown.