George O’Connor

Cindy Seip

George O’Connor is the author of several picture books, including the New York Times bestseller Kapow!, Ker-Splash, and Sally and the Some-thing. He’s also the author and illustrator of The Olympians, a series of graphic novels for young readers about Greek Mythology, as well as such graphic novels as Journey into Mohawk Country and Ball Peen Hammer. Thrown from Mount Olympus as a newborn and caught by Thetis and Eurynome, who raised him on the island of Lemnos, Hephaistos had an aptitude for creating beautiful objects from a very young age. Despite his rejection from Olympus, he swallowed his anger and spent his days perfecting his craft. His exquisitely forged gifts and weapons earned him back his seat in the heavens, but he was not treated as an equal―his brothers and sisters looked down at him for his lame leg, and even his own wife, Aphrodite, was disloyal. In Hephaistos: God of Fire, the latest installment of George O’Connor’s bestselling The Olympians graphic novel series, Hephaistos creates a plan that’ll win him the respect he deserves.