Enrique Fernández

marlene lopez

Enrique Fernández has been a teacher, editor and writer. He was a columnist for Billboard, the Village Voice, the New York Daily News and the Sun-Sentinel, writing about all aspects of culture and the arts. He was born in Lezama’s “unnameable feast” and now lives and writes in the Florida Panhandle. When a cancer diagnosis, and then various treatments, eliminate libido, the echoes of love and desire in the form of memories remain.  What happens to a life when sexual expression is lost? Enrique Fernández’s Pretty to Think So (Mango) weaves questions of sex, mortality, and identity with a lyricism that readers will not soon forget. In the sprawling Cortadito (Mango), Enrique Fernández explores Cuban cuisine through memories of growing up on the pre-revolutionary island.  In his sensual journey through the origin and evolution of staples of Cuban food, Fernández wonders what shapes flavor, is it the soil or the community—whether at home or abroad?