Eileen Pollack

marlene lopez

Eileen Pollack is the award-winning author of nine books of fiction and nonfiction, including Breaking and Entering and In The Mouth. She teaches on the faculty of the Helen Zell Writers’ Program in creative writing at the University of Michigan. In her latest novel The Bible of Dirty Jokes (Four Way), when Ketzel Weinrach’s beloved brother Potsie goes missing in Las Vegas, she not only must try to find him, she must confront her family’s shady history and their ties to the legendary Jewish mob, Murder, Inc., as well as her troubling relationship to her cousin Perry (who runs a strip club on the outskirts of Vegas), her long and apparently not-so-loving marriage to her recently departed husband Morty Tittelman (a self-styled professor of dirty jokes and erotic folklore), and her own failed career as a stand-up comic.