Dr. Rolando M. Ochoa

marlene lopez

(Ochoa, Rolando) Dr. Rolando M. Ochoa DBA was born in Cuba to a theatrical family, and became a child star sensation at age 9. As the political environment deteriorated in his native Cuba, he left the island with his family to the United States. At 18, he faced a new country, a new language, and the very difficult and overcrowded entertainment field. After trying unsuccessfully to launch a showbiz career in Los Angeles, he moved to Florida where he was able to perform with limited success in music. He was drafted during the Vietnam conflict, later married, and became a successful banker. He is now a full-time professor of management and business courses at a college in Miami. His memoir, Cuba 18, U.S. 50 (Eriginal Books) tells the story of Dr. Ochoa’s transition from a Cuban TV child star to a management professor in the U.S. This nonfiction story is told using mostly a retrospective narrative of his 50 years in the U.S. as if it was a trip.