Dr. Judith Guskin

marlene lopez

Dr. Judith Guskin is known as “the mother” of the Peace Corps. After working in Washington D.C. to establish the agency, she served as a volunteer in Thailand. She also helped establish AmeriCorps/VISTA, the domestic volunteer program. She was a professor, documentary filmmaker and consultant to schools with linguistically and culturally diverse students including Hispanics, Hmong refugees and Native Americans. She is the author of Longing to Be Free: The Bear, the Eagle, and the Crown (Wonder Spirit Press). This novel is set in tumultuous times 1630-1677 in colonial New England and London. In the beginning there was peaceful co-existence between the English colonists and the Native American Nations. Comfort Bradford, the daughter of the Governor of Plymouth, is friends with her Wampanoag neighbors; she speaks their language and respects their culture. Decades later her friend Metacom leads his people and other tribes in a united effort against the colonies. It was a war that almost destroyed all New England towns and native villages. Why did this war happen? Was it a just war?