Diana C. Stoll

marlene lopez

Diana C. Stoll writes frequently on art and photography, and is the Senior Editor of Aperture magazine. Along with Lin Arison, she is co-author of Feast for the Senses: A Musical Odyssey in Umbria. The Desert and the Cities Sing: Discovering Today’s Israel: A Treasure Box  (Chronicle Books) is her latest collaboration with Lin Arison and Neil Folberg. In this unique boxed set that includes photographs, films, books and more, the authors invite readers to explore Israel’s fascinating, diverse, and complex culture. The Desert and Cities Sing celebrates world-renowned artists, educators, and innovators, and reveals the richness of a country many know only through front-page headlines. Includes: Four full color, beautifully designed books featuring: the arts; agriculture; food and entertainment; and education, technology, and enterprise; a portfolio of 26 frameable photographs by Neil Folberg capturing Israel’s landscapes; four documentary films on DVD, including the Academy Award-winning Strangers No More; a flash drive featuring animations about Israel’s innovations; a limited edition scarf crafted by one of Israel’s boldest couturiers; and a map of Israel.