Christina Pettersson

Cindy Seip

Artist Christina Pettersson explores resurrection and savage demise on a grand scale once reserved for history painting. She’s presented solo exhibitions in Everglades National Park and at the historic Deering Estate on Biscayne Bay. Other shows include the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM); Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami; Girls Club, Fort Lauderdale; the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Florida; and Launch F18 in New York. Pettersson has also exhibited at museums across the South, including the Birmingham Museum of Art and Wiregrass Museum of Art in Alabama, the Columbus Museum of Art in Georgia, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and the Naples Museum of Art in Florida. Her drawings, sculptures, and – most recently – performances, reference classic mythology and literature, revealing a deep allegiance to the wilderness of a bygone era, the sorcery of the night, and the experience of a world in decline. It is a stage materialized from the often brutal but beautiful Everglades of her hometown, which she has spent a lifetime exploring.