Charles Lichtman

Cindy Seip

Charles Lichtman is an expert in Middle East affairs and issues regarding terrorism. The Sword of David: A Novel (Bombardier Books) is an action thriller that tells the story of Chaim Klein, a fearless Israeli Special Forces officer. Having found the long-lost Ark of the Covenant, looked for the Ten Commandments tablets, and confronted a terrorist consortium, Klein ultimately comes across the mystical and awe-inspiring Sword of David. While at it, he must handle a cast of characters that includes a terrorist who trained under the infamous Carlos the Jackal, an Israeli spy working undercover in Paris under the alias Sister Chloe, a renegade CIA operative, and a Palestinian once nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The final climactic confrontation between Klein and the terrorists is unexpected and inspirational. Bestselling author Brad Meltzer called the book “a breathtaking thriller. It has the best elements of The Da Vinci Code and a modern-day Raiders of the Lost Ark but trust me, Charles Lichtman has created a pulse-pounding novel that’s entirely his own.”