Cesar Becerra

Johanna Lawshea

Historian Cesar Becerra is the author of half-a-dozen books on South Florida history, including A Fifty Year Love Affair with Frankies Pizza, and The Logging History of the Everglades. Becerra is still chasing down South Florida’s most unique stories. In Robert Is Here: Looking East for a Lifetime (Robert Is Here Publications / Free Range Publishing), he delves deep into the soil and soul of South Dade County to provide a definitive history book of the fruit stand that became a South Florida landmark. Part history book, part lessons for life and business, Looking East proves that not all farm stands are created equal. Enjoy behind-the-scenes insights into the journey of Robert and Tracey Moehling and family as they serve shakes by the thousands, endure storms that threaten to end it all, and ran a business that has lasted for nearly six decades.