Catherine Esposito Prescott

marlene lopez

(Prescott, Catherine Esposito) Catherine Esposito Prescott is the author of the chapbook The Living Ruin. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing from New York University, and her poems have appeared in several literary journals and anthologies, including Bellevue Literary Review, MiPOesias, Pleiades, Poetry East, Rattle, Spoon River Poetry Review, Southern Poetry Review, The Orison Anthology (Vol. 1, 2016), Tigertail: A South Florida Poetry Annual, and 99 Poems for the 99 Percent.  Catherine is cofounder and co-curator of the SWWIM Reading Series based in Miami Beach, Florida. Her latest collection of poetry, Maria Sings (dancing girl press) tells the story of a woman named Maria, who is diagnosed with cancer. Maria is surrounded by a group of friends, a chorus, many of whom are named Maria. Maria becomes a symbol, a figure encapsulating the experiences of all women. A short examination about what being a woman in today’s society, about the  feminine, about disease and healing, about serendipity and hope, Maria Sings is a celebration of womanhood, about a woman’s determination to heal, and about her finding her voice.