Cara Nusinov

marlene lopez

(Nusinov, Cara) Cara Nusinov, B.Ed., PTP, is a collage artist, poet, teacher, leisure photographer, Co-Director of the Poetry Buffet Party, is a Poetry Therapy Practitioner, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, has read poetry on NPR, and other venues. She originated the traveling Polka Dot Poetry Peacock sculpture anthology. Cara also conducts, The Writer Within Me Salons, where she prompts new and seasoned writers to write all about it, as she peddles poetry. She is the author of Unrequited Loves and Other French Kisses. This is a book of friendship and love, about men and women, both humorous and imaginative. They are fragments of wishful thinking, coming-of-age, then middle-age experiences, stories of broken hearts or laughter, overheard bits from bench-sitting in Central Park, Trafagar Square and other locations. Some are whispered conversations, accumulated through the years and culled with sincerity.