Bruce Bauman

Johanna Lawshea

Bruce Bauman is the author of the novel And the Word Was. His work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Salon, BOMB, Bookforum, and numerous anthologies and literary magazines. Bauman is an instructor in the CalArts MFA Writing Program and Critical Studies Department and has been Senior Editor of Black Clock literary magazine since its inception in 2003. His latest novel, Broken Sleep (Other Press Paperback Original) spans the 1940s to 2020s as it knits the stories of four characters into an indelible portrait of American culture.  When everyman Moses Teumer discovers that he has an aggressive form of leukemia, his search for a donor who can save him sets off a wild chain of events.  Encompassing a Pynchon-esque saga of rock music, sex, drugs, art, and politics, this novel is an unforgettable examination of the secrets we keep and the risks we take in the name of commandeering our own destinies.