Bob H. Lee

marlene lopez

(Lee, Bob H.) Bob H. Lee spent over three decades as a water patrol officer on the St. Johns River and as a land patrol lieutenant in Putnam, St. Johns, and Flagler counties. During his career, he caught hundreds of poachers in the act and through complex wildlife investigations. Prior to his retirement in 2007, he taught man-tracking classes through the FWC Law Enforcement Academy. In his most recent book, In Bad Guys, Bullets, and Boat Chases: True Stories of Florida Game Wardens (University Press of Florida), Lee reveals that the life of a game warden is a lot more exciting—and dangerous—than most people think. Whether its shoot-outs with poachers, powerboat chases, hunting for missing persons, or ferrying crates of baby sea turtles, these story convey the inside story of some of Florida’s most underappreciated public servants.