Barbra Nightingale

marlene lopez

Barbra Nightingale’s poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies, such as Rattle, Narrative Magazine (Poem of the Week), Gargoyle, Barrow Street, The Georgetown Review, CRIT Journal, and many others, and in several national anthologies including City of Big Shoulders, The Liberal Media Made Me Do It, Florida in Poetry, Tigertail, and Glass Bottom Sky. Barbra Nightingale is a professor emeritus from Broward College (Ft. Lauderdale), and Advisor Emeritus from Phi Theta Kappa. Her latest collection, Alphalexia! (Finishing Line Press) is a romp through the alphabet like you never imagined. Each poem is a meditation on a letter, all 26 of them! This book digs words out of the dark and brings them to light in a playful, even joyous fashion, for the mere pleasure of sound, and the taste of words on the tongue.