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marlene lopez

Anne Korkeakivi is the author of the novel An Unexpected Guest. Her short fiction has been published by such as the Atlantic, the Yale Review, Consequence magazine, and the Bellevue Literary Review. Her nonfiction has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Times (UK), Travel & LeisureTimeMs., and many additional periodicals in the US, the UK, and online. Her latest novel Shining Sea (Little, Brown and Company) is an absorbing novel that spans decades, drawing us into the turbulent lives of a family in Southern California after the sudden death of the father. Beginning in 1962, Shining Sea quickly pulls us into the lives of forty-three-year-old Michael Gannon’s widow and offspring. The Gannon clan find themselves charting paths they never anticipated: from the beaches of Southern California to the Woodstock rock festival, from London’s gritty nightlife in the eighties to Scotland’s remote Inner Hebrides, from the dry heat of Arizona to the fertile farmland of Massachusetts. Shining Sea is a profound depiction of the ripple effects of war, the passing down of memory, the making of myth, and the power of heroism to lead us astray but sometimes also to keep us afloat.