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marlene lopez

Born José Miguel Sánchez Gómez, Yoss assumed his pen name in 1988, when he won the Premio David in the science fiction category for Timshel. Earning a degree in Biology in 1991, he went on to graduate from the first ever course on Narrative Techniques at the Onelio Jorge Cardoso Center of Literary Training, in the year 1999. Today, In addition to science fiction, Yoss produces essays, reviews, and compilations, and actively promotes the Cuban science fiction literary workshops, Espiral and Espacio Abierto. In his bestselling A Planet for Rent (Restless Books), Yoss critiques ‘90s Cuba by drawing parallels with a possible Earth of the not-so-distant future. Wracked by economic and environmental problems, the desperate planet is rescued, for better or worse, by alien colonizers, who remake the planet as a tourist destination. Ruled over by a brutal interstellar bureaucracy, dispossessed humans seek better lives via the few routes available — working for the colonial police; eking out a living as black marketeers, drug dealers, or artists; prostituting themselves to exploitative extraterrestrial visitors — or facing the cold void of space in rickety illegal ships.  Yoss delivers a space opera of intergalactic proportions with Super Extra Grande, (Restless Books) winner of the UPC Science Fiction Award. In a distant future in which Latin Americans have pioneered faster-than-light space travel, Dr. Jan Amos Sangan Dongo has a job with large and unusual responsibilities: he’s a veterinarian who specializes in treating enormous alien animals. Mountain-sized amoebas, multisex species with bizarre reproductive processes, razor-nailed, carnivorous humanoid hunters: Dr. Sangan has seen it all. When a colonial conflict threatens the fragile peace between the galaxy’s seven intelligent species, he must embark on a daring mission through the insides of a gigantic creature and find two swallowed ambassadors—who also happen to be his competing love interests.

Seudónimo del escritor cubano José Miguel Sánchez Gómez. Licenciado en Biología en 1991. En su país ganó el prestigioso premio David de ciencia ficción en 1988 por su libro de cuentos Timshel. Formó parte del curso inaugural sobre técnicas narrativas en el centro de formación literaria Jorge Cardoso Onelio en 1999. Se destaca tanto por su estética de rockero como por su pasión por la ciencia y la mitología. Es autor de obras de ficción realista así como de CF. Escribe novela, ensayo y crítica y es promotor de talleres literarios.