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Davis Miller‘s award-winning stories have been published in many of the leading national magazines Men s Journal, GQ, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, and Rolling Stone, among others. He is the best-selling author of two previous books, including The Tao of Bruce Lee, and is co-librettist of the acclaimed chamber opera Approaching Ali, which is based on his classic story, “My Dinner with Ali.” Approaching Ali: A Reclamation in Three Acts (Liveright) is his newest book. On Easter weekend 1988, then a struggling writer and movie store clerk, Miller drove to Muhammad Ali’s mother’s modest house in Louisville, knocked on the front door, and waited for an answer. When the door finally opened, Miller would not only get to meet his “spiritual constant” but also begin a surprising and tender new friendship that would forever transform his life. Miller now draws from those remarkable moments to give us a quietly startling portrait of a great man. Approaching Ali is an historic tribute, composed of linked vignettes spread out over decades, that is unlike anything else that has been written about one of the world’s most famous and loved men.