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Brad Meltzer is the New York Times bestselling author of The Inner CircleThe Book of Fate, and seven other bestselling thrillers. In addition to his fiction, Brad is one of the only authors to have books on the bestseller list for nonfiction, advice, children’s books, and graphic books. He is also the host of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on the History Channel, and Brad Meltzer’s Lost History on H2. The House of Secrets (Grand Central Publishing) is his latest thriller. As a child, Hazel Nash loved hearing her dad’s tall tales, especially the one about a leather book belonging to Benedict Arnold that was hidden in a corpse. Years later, Hazel wakes up in the hospital and remembers nothing. She’s told she’s been in a car accident that killed her father and injured her brother. But she can’t remember any of it. Then an FBI agent asks questions about her dad—and about his connection to the corpse of a man found with a book that belonged to Benedict Arnold stuffed in his chest. The answer to his death will tell her the truth about her father—and who Hazel really is. Mysteries need to be solved. Especially the ones about yourself.