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marlene lopez

Thibault Raoult is the author of Person Hour and Disposable Epics. His poems and short fiction have appeared in Boston Review, BOMB, Denver Quarterly, typo, Gulf Coast, 6×6, Oversound, Conjunctions, and elsewhere. He is an Assistant Editor at the Georgia Review. Of Raoult’s latest book, «Pro(m)bois(e)» (Opo Books & Objects), Matthew Henriksen writes, “Some celebrities detail their own wardrobe. Thibault Raoult’s «Pro(m)bois(e)» works like a failed rocket scientist turned aesthete warming up to detail the entirety of his brain. Too casually brilliant to sound like nonsense, Raoult’s poems are also too brilliant, and too far out there, to resemble any poems we have seen yet on this planet… But «Pro(m)bois(e)», as far up in the ether as language gets, also tastes of our daily dirt… When I first read Raoult’s poems ten years ago, I thought he was an old man from some obscure trajectory of the French avant-garde, not a kid in his twenties from Rochester, New York. But nowadays he’s a man in space, with the mouth of a slap-happy oracle sending messages back to us: “When two worlds flare in a stranger/They say fossils will take over New Boise,/Assume anything.”