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marlene lopez

Juan Gabriel Vásquez‘s previous books include the 2014 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award winner and national bestseller, The Sound of Things Falling, as well as the award-winning The InformersThe Secret History of Costaguana, and the story collection Lovers on All Saints’ Day. Reputations (Riverhead Books), his latest book, is a powerful novel about a legendary political cartoonist. At sixty-five, after four decades of a brilliant career, Javier Mallarino is at the height of his powers. But this all changes when he’s paid an unexpected visit from a young woman who upends his sense of personal history and forces him to re-evaluate his life and work, questioning his position in the world. In Reputations, Juan Gabriel Vásquez examines the weight of the past, how a public persona intersects with private histories, and the burdens and surprises of memory. In this intimate novel that recalls authors like Coetzee and Ian McEwan, Vásquez plumbs universal experiences to create a masterful story, one that reverberates long after you turn the final page.

Escritor colombiano. Es autor de la colección de relatos Los amantes de Todos los Santos y de las novelas Los informantes, Historia secreta de Costaguana (PremioQwerty en Barcelona y Premio Fundación Libros & Letras en Bogotá), El ruido de las cosas al caer (Premio Alfaguara 2011, English Pen Award 2012, Premio Gregor von Rezzori 2013, IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2014) y Las reputaciones (Premio Real Academia Española 2014 y Premio Arzobispo Juan de San Clemente 2014). Vásquez ha publicado también una recopilación de ensayos literarios, El arte de la distorsión, y una breve biografía de Joseph Conrad, El hombre de ninguna parte.