Anthony Stultz

Cindy Seip

Anthony Stultz is an ordained Buddhist minister and internationally recognized mindfulness expert. He is the spiritual director of the Blue Mountain Lotus Society and founder of the Blue Lotus School of Mindfulness Arts. He is the author of numerous academic and popular works, including The Book of Common Meditation and Free Your Mind: The Four Directions of an Awakened Life. In The Three Principles of Oneness (Red Feather) Anthony Stultz examines how to experience harmony in all areas of life with a scientifically sound, cosmic perspective on spirituality in the 21st century.  These days, “Why things matter” (spirituality) has been separated from “how things work” (science). In such changing landscape, many are searching for a spiritual practice that is science-based and aligns with how the universe actually works.

The Three Principles of Oneness wants to awaken the reader to an evidence-based scientific and spiritual path through practical techniques and processes. The cosmic perspective can help us shift away from stress and anxiety in our daily lives and toward a more universal consciousness.