Anthony Del Col

marlene lopez

Anthony Del Col is the best-selling comics, audio and TV writer of the acclaimed Kill Shakespeare, Assassin’s Creed and the neo-noir Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie. His audio drama Unheard: The Story Of Anna Winslow, a found-footage thriller, debuted at #1 on Audible in the U.S. and U.K. in late-2017, breaking download records. Anthony Del Col is the co-writer of this summer’s audacious graphic novel Son Of Hitler (Image Comics) that explores the legend of Adolf Hitler’s illegitimate son and the determined female spy handler that discovers him in the darkest days of World War II. In the darkest days of World War II a female British spy handler discovers a rumor: that when Adolf Hitler was stationed in France during the First World War he fathered a child. Armed with stolen Nazi files, she goes rogue to find this son and recruit him for a mission to meet his biological father and kill him to end the war’s greatest threat. But that may not be the end of the Hitler family saga… A pulpy spy and alternative history thriller in the vein of The Man in the High Castle, Zero Dark Thirty, Inglourious Basterds, and John le Carré.