Andres Pi Andreu

marlene lopez

Born in Havana, Cuban-American Andres Pi Andreu currently lives in Miami where he works as a National Bilingual Literacy Consultant for several major educational publishers. He is also a writer with several Spanish Language Acquisition programs and Language transference programs. Andreu has worked for Houghton Mifflin, Pearson, McGraw Hill, Benchmark Educations, and many other major publishers as a Senior Development Editor, Curriculum developer and writer. Owner of TIB Editorial, a small educational development house that works with all major publishers in the US, he also serves as the Director of Ediciones Malecón, a publishing company that specializes in literature written in Spanish in the US. His book, Spanish Language Gold: 274 (Panamericana Editorial), was the 2015 gold-medal winner of the Florida Book Award in the category of Spanish Language books.