Amy Tan

Johanna Lawshea

In her books, Amy Tan explores mother-daughter relationships and the Chinese-American experience. Her best-known work is The Joy Luck Club, which has been translated into 35 languages. In 1993, the book was adapted into a commercially successful film. Ms. Tan’s subsequent books included the Kitchen God’s Wife, two books for children, Saving Fish from Drowning, and The Valley of Amazement. Occasionally, Tan serves as lead rhythm dominatrix, backup singer, and second tambourine with the literary garage band, the Rock Bottom Remainders, whose members include Stephen King, Dave Barry, Matt Groening, Greg Iles, Mitch Albom, Roy Blount Jr, Ridley Pearson, Sam Barry and Scott Turow. In spite of their dubious talent, their yearly gigs have managed to raise nearly two million dollars for literacy programs.  A nonfiction memoir by the band, titled Hard Listening (Coliloquy) was published in 2014.