Amber Tamblyn

Johanna Lawshea

Amber Tamblyn is a contributing writer for the Poetry Foundation and the author of two previous books of poetry, Free Stallion and Bang Ditto. As an actress, she has been nominated for an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and an Independent Spirit award. In her latest collection of poetry, Dark Sparkler (HarperPerennial), the lives of more than twenty-five actresses lost before their time are explored. Featuring subjects from Marilyn Monroe and Frances Farmer to Dana Plato and Brittany Murphy—and paired with original artwork commissioned for the book by luminaries including David Lynch, Adrian Tomine, Marilyn Manson, and Marcel Dzama—Dark Sparkler is a surprising and provocative collection from a young artist of wide-ranging talent, culminating in an extended, confessional epilogue of astonishing candor and poetic command.