Amanda Moore

Cindy Seip

Amanda Moore’s poems have appeared in journals and anthologies including Best New Poets, ZYZZVA, Cream City Review, and Mamas and Papas: On the Sublime and Heartbreaking Art of Parenting. Her essays have been published in Baltimore Review, Hippocampus Magazine, and on the University of Arizona Poetry Center blog. Requeening: Poems (Ecco), is her debut collection of poetry. In it, she engages the matriarchal structure of the beehive, exploring the various roles a woman plays in the family, the home, and the world at large. Beyond the productivity and excess, the sweetness and sting, Requeening brings together poems of motherhood and daughterhood, an evolving relationship of care and tending, responsibility and joy, dependence and deep love. The poems that anchor this collection also contemplate the inevitability of a hive’s collapse and consider the succession of “requeening” a hive as “a new heart ready to be fed and broken and fed again.” The collapse is both physical – there are poems of illness and recovery – and emotional, as the mother-daughter relationship shifts.