Allison Glock-Cooper

marlene lopez

A magazine journalist for 20-plus years, Allison GlockCooper‘s writing has appeared in: New York Times, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, Marie Claire, GQ, the New Yorker, and many other publications. Glock is coauthor (with T Cooper) of the acclaimed, four-part Young Adult novel series, Changers, which the pair is now developing for screen. A senior staff writer for ESPN: The Magazine and ESPNW, as well as contributing editor for the southern lifestyle magazine Garden & Gun. Glock has won notable honors including a GLAAD Award, a CLIO, and a Whiting Award for her book, Beauty Before Comfort. In Changers Book Four: Forever (Black Sheep), Kim discovers that this is only one small part of understanding who she is and where she belongs. Soon enough, she changes again, into the body and social status of her dreams. What she does with her newfound power will come to haunt her. In this final installment of the provocative Changers series, our hero learns what it means to be the person everybody loves without actually being known at all; what it’s like to be given the benefit of the doubt when you don’t deserve it; and how easily opportunity comes when you look the part. Changers Book Four explores what it means to find yourself–even as your self keeps changing–and how in the end we become the person whose story we want to finish.