Aliyyah Eniath

marlene lopez

Aliyyah Eniath is a director at Safari Publications, a magazine publishing house, and founder/editor in chief of Belle Weddings (Caribbean) magazine. Her debut novel, The Yard (Speaking Tiger Books) set in Trinidad, exposes the fault lines in Indo-Muslim culture. Behrooz, an abandoned boy, is brought to a familial complex, The Yard, to live with a devout and extended family, where he struggles to belong. He forms a childish alliance with Maya, a willful and rebellious girl, with whom he shares a night of adolescent tenderness. Years later, Behrooz and Maya reunite. But can their love endure?  Trinidad and Tobago Guardian writes, “The Yard tells of the growth of a childhood bond and later a struggle with romantic attraction. What follows is a haunting story of love, family obligations and redemption.”