Alex Segura

Cindy Seip

is a novelist and comic book writer. A Miami native, Segura is the author of four previous novels in his Pete Fernandez series. He has also written a number of comic books, including the best-selling and critically acclaimed Archie Meets Kiss storyline, the “Occupy Riverdale” story and the upcoming Archie Meets Ramones. He is a contributing writer in Making Good Time: True Stories of How We Do, and Don’t, Get Around in South Florida (Jai-Alai Books), an anthology of more than thirty Miami transit-related stories, edited by Florida International University Creative Writing Professor Lynne Barrett, and featuring writers such as Richard Blanco, Chantel Acevedo, Diana Abu-Jaber, Jennine Capó Crucet, Les Standiford, and Thomas Swick. Kenny Malone, Co-host of NPR’s Planet Money says, “Hold on to your roof mattresses: Making Good Time is a loving, alarming, definitive collection of only-in-Miami road tales.” In Miami Midnight (Polis Books) we meet Pete Fernandez again. A year has passed since his latest, closest brush with death. After months of recovery, the newly sober Pete has managed to rebuild his life, contentedly running a small Miami bookstore and steering clear of the dangers of private eye work. Then an aging Cuban mobster asks Pete to find out who killed his drug-addicted, jazz pianist son and to locate his missing daughter-in-law.