Alex Daly

marlene lopez

(Daly, Alex) Alex Daly is the founder of Vann Alexandra, a creative services agency that gets projects financed through crowdfunding. Dubbed the industry’s “Crowdsourceress,” a name she received in the press for her expertise in crowdfunding, her clients include Neil Young, Oscar-winning filmmakers, Pentagram designers, Eric Ries, and girl group TLC. Alex has shared her expertise at top film festivals, universities, and organizations. She is in the Forbes 30 under 30 Marketing & Advertising class of 2016. In The Crowdsourceress: Get Smart, Get Funded, and Kickstart Your Next Big Idea (PublicAffairs), Daly takes readers deep inside her most successful campaigns, tangible tools to run their own crowdfunding campaigns and fully connect with the crowd, get people to pay attention, and inspire them to act.