marlene lopez

Annette Gordon-Reed is the author of the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize–winning The Hemingses of Monticello and is the Charles Warren Professor of American Legal History at Harvard Law School and the Carol K. Pforzheimer Professor at the Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study at Harvard University. Peter S. Onuf is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Professor Emeritus at the University of Virginia. Together, they examine

Thomas Jefferson, often portrayed as a hopelessly enigmatic figure―a riddle―a man so riven with contradictions that he is almost impossible to know. In Most Blessed of the Patriarchs: Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning historian Annette Gordon-Reed and Jefferson scholar Peter S. Onuf present an absorbing and revealing character study that dispels the many clichés that have accrued over the years about our third president. Through careful analysis, painstaking research, and vivid prose, Gordon-Reed and Onuf create a portrait of Jefferson, as he might have painted himself.