marlene lopez

Jeffrey Brown has established himself as an overly sensitive chronicler of bittersweet adolescent romance and nonsense superheroes. His most popular works include Clumsy, Unlikely, AEIOU, and Every Girl is the End of the World For Me, as well as the best-selling Star Wars: Jedi Academy series. His parodies include The Incredible Change-Bots, and the Ignatz Award-winning Cat Getting Out of a Bag. Brown has been featured on NPR’s This American Life and has even created a short animated music video for the band Death Cab For Cutie. Lucy & Andy Neanderthal (Crown Books for Young Readers) continue the laugh-out-loud adventure of Lucy and her goofball brother Andy, as the Paleo pair take on a wandering baby sibling, bossy teens, cave paintings, and a mammoth hunt. But what will happen when they encounter a group of humans?