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Meng Jin, Dionne Irving & Ingrid Rojas Contreras: A Conversation

Sunday, November 20, 2022 @ 11:00 am

Room 8301 (Building 8, 3rd Floor)

300 NE Second Ave., Miami, Fl 33132 United States

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Meng Jin‘s Self-Portrait with Ghost: Short Stories features 10 thematically linked stories. Written during the turbulent years of the Trump administration and the first year of the pandemic, they explore intimacy and isolation, coming of age, and coming to terms with the repercussions of past mistakes, fraying relationships, and surprising moments of connection. In The Islands: Stories, Dionne Irving looks at the history and condition of Jamaican women in locations and times ranging from 1950s London and 1960s Panama to modern-day New Jersey. Immigrants or the descendants of immigrants, these women chose to escape the ghosts of colonialism on what they call “the island.” And in The Man Who Could Move Clouds: A Memoir, Colombian-born author Ingrid Rojas Contreras weaves family stories, Colombian history, and her own deeply personal reckonings with the bounds of reality, as she writes her way through the incomprehensible and into her inheritance. The result is a luminous testament to the power of storytelling as a healing art and an invitation to embrace the extraordinary.

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Sunday, November 20, 2022
11:00 am





Room 8301 (Building 8, 3rd Floor)
300 NE Second Ave., Miami, Fl 33132 United States
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