An Evening With Walter Mosley on Touched

Wednesday, November 15 @ 8:00 pm

Miami Book Fair * Miami Dade College

300 NE Second Ave., Miami, FL 33132 United States

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Intergalactic visions, deadly threats, and explosive standoffs between mostly good and completely evil converge in Walter Mosley’s dystopian fantasy Touched. Martin Just wakes up one morning after what feels like – and might actually be – a centuries-long sleep, with two innate pieces of knowledge: Humanity is a virus destined to destroy all existence and he is the cure. Just begins slipping into an alternate consciousness and discovering new physical strengths, strengths he’ll need to violently defend himself, his wife, and their children, the only Black family in their tony, Hollywood Hills neighborhood. Because watching their every move is a pale, white-haired embodiment of death who wears a dapper suit, carries a cane, and seeks to destroy all life with his fatal touch. Expansive and innovative, sexy and satirical, Touched brilliantly imagines the ways in which human life and technological innovation threaten existence itself.

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Wednesday, November 15
8:00 pm




Miami Book Fair * Miami Dade College
300 NE Second Ave., Miami, FL 33132 United States
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