Nigel Poor

Cindy Seip

A visual artist and photography professor who has had her work exhibited nationally and internationally, Nigel Poor is the co-creator, co-host, and co-producer of Ear Hustle (PRX & Radiotopia). In 2011, she became involved with San Quentin State Prison as a volunteer teacher for the Prison University Project, where she met Earlonne Woods. The two discovered a shared interest in storytelling, and while neither had podcast production experience, they decided to enter Radiotopia’s contest for new shows – and won. Using the prize for seed money, they launched Ear Hustle, named after the prison term for eavesdropping. In This Is Ear Hustle: Unflinching Stories of Everyday Prison Life (Crown), Poor and Woods discuss their stories, creating their phenomenally popular podcast amid extreme limitations, and present new stories, all with the same insight, balance, and rapport that distinguish their podcast.