Mark Statman

Johanna Lawshea

Mark Statman’s most recent books are two of poetry: A Map of the Winds and Tourist at a Miracle and two of translation: Black Tulips: The Selected Poems of José María Hinojosa, and, with Pablo Medina, of Federico García Lorca’s Poet in New York. He is Associate Professor of Literary Studies at Eugene Lang College, the New School for Liberal Arts. In his new collection of poetry, That Train Again (Lavender Ink), Statman explores the singularly multiple worlds in which he, and all of us, love and observe, work and dream. On the edges of the intersections between metaphysical and physical spaces, the urban and rural, the reader finds, in That Train Again, a sense of language and form both precise and mysterious. Joseph Lease writes, “Statman gives us language as commitment, commitment as imagination, imagination as soul-making.”