Brian Weiss, M.D

Johanna Lawshea

Brian Weiss, M.D., is America’s leading authority on past-life regression therapy. A graduate of Columbia University and Yale School of Medicine, Weiss is the author of multiple books, including the New York Times bestseller Many Lives, Many Masters; Only Love Is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited; Messages from the Masters: Tapping into the Power of Love, and Same Soul; Many Bodies: Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives through Progression Therapy, among others. With daughter, Amy Weiss, he is the author of Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories (Harper One). In his revolutionary book, Dr. Weiss examines the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that is possible when you freely accept and embrace the reality of reincarnation. Trained as a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Weiss began to explore how reincarnation and past life regression can lead us to our higher selves after a startling encounter with a patient. Now a leading proponent of past-life therapy, Dr. Weiss shows us that, indeed, Miracles Happen, with seemingly incredible but true stories that demonstrate how, by getting in touch with and understanding our past lives, we can dramatically improve the present.